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These lights have been a project that I have put a LOT of time and thought into. They are very well put together with a clean and professional look. I have received comments in the range of that is very nice to Wow!

There are a lot of really nice bright and dependable lights on the market in the range from $100 to $500.

I tried to price these lights in the lower range but its brightness and durable construction certainly puts it in the class of much more expensive lights.

All that I asked is that you give it a try and you will not be disappointed. I will give you the best customer service that can possible be given.

Contact me at 936-827-6309 and we'll answer any questions that you might have.

Sunspot Horizon Fire Hunting Lights

We have taken every suggestion that we were capable of doing over the last year and put it into this new light. We placed the switch inside the head. We made clips and placed them on the head and the battery box. It can be taken off our bump cap and placed on a soft cap in less than a minute. Even though we are using clips instead of hard mounting it, itís completely solid. No giggling, moving around or falling off. We are using the Ridge line bump caps that are more comfortable than our previous bump caps.

We moved the colors inside the head, it has double walking lights that are a natural color and use a newer generation led than before. A red and a green, we can do amber on request. Each color and the walking lights have hi and low and are brighter than before.

We all know that eventually the battery will go out on a light. Because we have a life time warranty on our lights we made it so the battery can be unplugged and replaced. So if in the future you have battery problems we can send one to you to replace in a few minutes and will not have all the down time of sending it in.

The main beam is the same as the original Horizon.

Burn times are:

Red burns for 11 hours

Green burns for 12.5 hours

Flooded white burns for 15 hours

First position with a spot is 135 hours

Second spot position is 35 hours

2.5 hours on high

Sunspot Horizon Fire $295 + $15 USPS Priority Mail

Lifetime Warranty. After 2 years send $10 for return shipping. Chargers have a 2 year warranty.

30 day money back if returned in the shape that it was shipped to you in.

Sunspot Ultra HD Hunting Lights

I would like to introduce to you the Sunspot Ultra HD as in "high definition"! Twice as bright as the Ultra at 100,000 lux.

Same great quality as a matter of fact everything is the same except. The color of the white light shifted to a more natural color light and the color led on the bottom is now 3 times as bright as it was.

Also the light Dims down now giving you notice to be able to get out of the woods.

The color shift to the yellow is not as yellow as the old 5100 heads but is a better color rendering light.

It's a natural sunlight color.

We can update any Ultra that is currently in use just give us a call and I'll let you know the details.

100,000 lux of brightness in a medium sized spot. (Actual reading not a number I made up to sound good)

Your choice of color led Red, Green or Amber.

Burn times are:

1st click 125 hours

2nd click 70 hours

3rd click 35 hours

4th click is 2.5 hours

The original Sunspot has been a very popular light for us. For the people that know how impressive the Sunspot is wait until you see this one.

Sunspot bright with a color led and lighter weight - 19.5 oz on the bump cap.

The same excellent construction.

The color led is a flood that covers the whole tree with a low glow of your choice of color. As good as it gets for finding eyes.

The white light is as bright as you are going to get.

Sunspot Ultra HD Bumpcap $200 + $15 USPS Priority Mail

Lifetime Warranty. After 2 years send $10 for return shipping. Chargers have a 2 year warranty.

30 day money back if returned in the shape that it was shipped to you in.

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